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"Unlock The Complete Training Video Library with Exclusive Training Plans & Weekly Artistry...
The Artful Chiropractor Membership - An Exclusive Training Community for Artful Chiropractors Looking to Elevate their Craft”
  • ​Epic Access Passport: Dive into all 7 Kairos Online Training Programs instantly, featuring a treasure trove of over 365 videos (A whopping $2150 Value!)
  • ​Elite Workout Blueprints & Chiropractic Performance Training Club: Unleash your potential with tailor-made workout plans and 73 Chiropractic specific performance exercises exclusively crafted for the optimal bi-weekly Chiropractic training session ($500 Value!)
  • Kairos University 10-Week Program: Evolving your ART, Science, Business, Philosophy & BEingness with 50+ lessons that are ALL in alignment with the principles of KTC. ($795 Value!)
  • Weekly Artistry Unleashed: Elevate your chiropractic artistry with fresh content delivered weekly aimed at new discovery, training, and refining your skills to the highest level ($1200 Value!)
  • Morning Training Sessions: Not part of a school club? No problem, join us as we guide you through a KTC Move, Breathe, Meditate Session from the comfort of your home, gym, or office - perfect for the practicing Doc, or student who doesn't have access to a Kairos Club. ($2500 Value!)
  • Monthly Philosophy & LIVE Q&A: hop on with one of our KTC Lead Facilitators and join in an intimate lesson with LIVE conversation to deepen in your philosophy, business, science or ART. (Priceless!)
  • ​​Members' Exclusive Kairos Training Camp Privilege: As a member, enjoy a $50 discount on any Kairos Training Camp—an exclusive perk that honors your dedication to training the ART.
For only: $97/month (Students) - $297/month (Doctors)
"Unlock the Vault, Embrace the Training Plans, Elevate Your Chiropractic Artistry to Your Full Potential In One Easy to Use Membership."
The KTC "Artful Chiropractor Membership" for Artful Chiropractors dedicated to the TRAINING of Chiropractic.
From The Desk of
Kairos Training Culture
Since 2012 we have seen a renaissance in chiropractic artistry...

with over 8000 chiropractors taking part in either a training camp immersion experience, early morning training club, or our in depth online training programs. 

We have witnessed chiropractors graduating with the skills of seasoned Docs, more ART focused technique offerings than ever before and a change in humanities perspective of chiropractic.

However, there has never been a dedicated place for these Artful chiropractors to continue to refine, train and evolve outside of the camp or club setting.

Now, we are offering an exclusive membership that combines access to ALL of the KTC online training program videos (over 365 videos)...

with Chiropractic Specific Training Blueprints and Chiropractic Specific Performance Training so anyone, Student or practicing Chiropractor can follow a structured bi-weekly training regimen from their home, gym, or office.

AND continue to discover the highest level breakthroughs with weekly training videos delivered by the Kairos Lead Facilitators.

All for a price that any student or doc can afford and continue to be dedicated to. 

The mission is the same, Evolve the ART of Chiropractic to Elevate Human Consciousness...

We are 'stronger together" than we are apart. 

We're calling on YOU, to join us on this mission, and join us in the private Artful Chiropractor Membership.

Here's What You'll Get When You Join Your Membership... 
(P.S. It's a lot!)
When You Join You Get ALL of the KTC Advanced Training Programs (Over 365 Videos)
1. Precise & Powerful Side Posture Program
▷ 70 Training Videos
▷ Posterior Inferior & Anterior Superior Modifications
▷ Lumbars Push and Pull Adjusting
▷ 4 Weeks of Training 

Regularly $199
2. The Thoracic Adjusting Mastery Program
▷ 72+ Videos
▷ Anterior Dorsal Mastery & Modifications 
▷ P-A Thoracic Modifications
▷ Upper & Lower Rib Adjusting (Prone & Supine)
▷ Elemental Archetypes
▷ Shoulder Modifications
▷ Partner Adjusting for Postural Distortions

Regularly $500
3. The Artful Upper Cervical Program
▷ 70 Videos! 
▷ Toggle Analysis, Training, Technique
▷ Knee Chest Upper Cervical Analysis, Technique
▷ Virgil Chrane Occiput Training, Technique
▷ Seated, Supine, and Prone Adjusting Techniques for Occiput and Upper Cervical..
▷ Upper Cervical Functional Analysis and Refinement

Regularly $500
4. The Cervical Adjusting Mastery Program
▷ 88+ Training Videos
▷ Unilateral Facet Indicators, Set up & Adjusting
▷ Bilateral Facet Indicators, Set up & Adjusting
▷ Anterior Facet Indicators, Set up & Adjusting 
▷ Master Cervical Adjusting
▷ Disc Level Indicators, Set up & Adjusting
▷ Seated, Prone, Supine Cervical Adjusting 
▷ Advanced Cueing + 30 Day Challenge

Regularly $500
5. Sustainable Movement & Injury Prevention for The Chiropractor
▷ 39 Videos
▷ Breakdown of Most Common Causes of Injury in the Chiropractor
▷ Prevent Upper and Lower Body Injury
▷ Improve Performance While Decreasing Injury Rate
▷ Multiple 10-20 minute Workouts for Increased Strength 

Regularly $250
6. Bio Tensegrity Analysis of The Pelvis
▷ 21 Training and Analysis Videos
▷ Functional Approach to Lumbopelvic Analysis
▷ Biotensegrity Analysis of Musculofascial Indicators for the Pelvic Region
▷ Giving You A System To Build Upon a Greater Understanding of How The Pelvis Moves and Distortion Patterns for Where To Adjust

Regularly $150
+ 7. Mastering The Junctions Program FREE Bonus ($50 Value)
You'll Also Receive Access to The Never Before Released Chiropractic Performance Training  Club...
Previously only available to our Facilitators, the Training Plans and Movement Library is offered for you to implement the material from the online programs and design your progressional Chiropractic Specific Training, to evolve your body, art and performance.
Chiropractic Performance Training Club 
▷ 73 Never Before Released Training Videos 
▷ Performance Training Designed by One of The Professions Leading Experts in Sports Performance and Chiropractic Injury Prevention Experts: Dr. Lance von Stade
▷ Progressional Layout For Ease in Starting and Advanced Movement for Even The Highest Performing Chiropractors
Bi-Weekly Performance Training Plans
▷ 8 Bi-Weekly Training Plans Done For You and Dialed To The Minute for The Perfect 45 - 90 Minute Chiropractic Training Routine
▷ Follow The Designed Programming or Plug-and-Play with New Material Learned From The Online Programs or Weekly Artistry
▷ This is THE Structure Our School Clubs Use To Run a Highly Successful Training Program

**Available to download or view online to follow along!
$500 Total Value 
(Never Before Sold or Available for Non-KTC Facilitators)
Here's Why You'll Never Want to Leave... (New Content Every Week!) You Will Never Miss The Most Up to Date Discoveries and Refinement With Weekly Artistry Training...
The OVER DELIVERY happens here, as you'll never get bored or feel stagnant in your artistry with weekly updated training videos from the KTC Lead Facilitators!
Morning Training Sessions
  • ​Follow Along With Morning Training Sessions: just like you were taking part in a KTC School Club Training Session, with Movement, Breathwork, and Guided Meditation
  • Perfect for Practicing Docs & Students Without a Club: Turn on, Follow Along, TRAIN your ART with updated weekly morning training sessions from our KTC Lead Facilitators.
  • Crafted For You To Do Anywhere: No need for tons of equipment or training partners, these training sessions can be done at home, in a gym or in your office before shift to put ALL the pieces together and EVOLVE your Self & your ART.
  • ​YES, This means new content delivered every week!
Updated Weekly Artistry Training Videos
  • ​Focused and Potent: Weekly videos delivered to the private members group each week.
  • Advanced Learning: Learn the secret sauce, small details, and new discoveries that have never been taught in a program or training camp
  • Varying Perspectives: Learn from our diverse Lead Facilitation Team who share similar principles yet have individual expertise like energy work, postural distortion patterns, extremity adjusting, fascial release and more.
  • Your Source of Constant Evolution: Imagine every week stepping into practice, club, or school with a new area to train, refinement in your technique and greater ability to facilitate HEALING for your clients.
  • Only Available in the Membership: 100's of Live KTC trainings have been shared since 2015, NOW it's all moving to this exclusive membership available for the most dedicated chiropractic ARTISTS.
Weekly Coaching $3700 Value
(Weekly Lessons by ALL of Our KTC Lead Facilitators)
Ready To Implement The Principles of Kairos Into Your Next Evolution as a Chiropractor?
We're Also Giving You The Complete Kairos University 10-Week Program with Over 50 Lessons In Business, Philosophy, The Science, The Art, and Your BEingness!
The Kairos University 10-Week Program
  • ​Connect the Science to The Application of Chiropractic learn science that is relevant to what we do and actually apply it to helping people.
  • Gain Business Lessons That Work Right Now learn how to artfully craft your ideal healing center, strategies to get new people in the door and commit to care, from people who are actually doing it. 
  • ​​Break Through Limiting Beliefs and Step Into the Greatest Healing Facilitator by tapping into your unmet needs and become a vessel for healing transformation.
  • Train Kairos Adjusting Techniques designed to give you a greater understanding of mastering your ART and how to train to be the best chiropractor. 
  • ​Philosophy That Connects Universal Forces with The Application of Chiropractic so you can understand quantum possibilities, healing, sacred geometry, and reading tone.
  • Empowering YOU with 50-Lessons Over 10-Weeks you can watch in sequence or stand alone, and immediately applicable to your life, business and personal growth.
Regularly Sold For $795 
(Lessons by ALL of Our KTC Lead Facilitators)
That's NOT ALL, You Also Get an Exclusive $50 OFF Any Kairos Level 1 or 2 Training Camp!
We know every time you show up to an in person training camp you will have grown exponentially by being a part of this group... we want to honor your commitment and encourage coming together as a community by gifting you $50 OFF each training camp.
  • ​All Access Passport To ALL KTC Advanced Programs: Over 365 Videos ($2150 Value)
  • Chiropractic Performance Training Club: Movement & Performance Training Videos with Bi-Weekly Training Structure ($500 Value!)
  • Kairos University 10-Week Program: 50+ Business, Science, Philosophy, Artistry and BEing Lessons ($795 Value!)
  • Weekly Artistry Unleashed: Weekly Chiropractic Artistry Lessons for new discovery, training, and refining your skills ($1200 Value!)
  • Morning Training Sessions: Guided KTC Club training sessions from the comfort of your home, gym, or office ($2500 Value!)
  • Monthly Philosophy and LIVE Q&A: Join LIVE with one of our KTC Lead Facilitators (Priceless!)
  • ​​Members' Exclusive Kairos Training Camp Privilege: As a member, enjoy a $50 discount on any Kairos Training Camp.
For only $97/month for Students 
$297/month for Doctors
Choose your Level & Get immediate Access
Where Will Content Be Held? 
All programs, lessons and updated weekly content will be available in a Private Membership Area delivered to you upon signing up!
How Long Do I Have Access For?
With 24/7 access to your membership area you can participate in the content whenever you want from your home, office or gym and keep the content for as long as you are a member.
Will They Be Recorded or Live?
Almost all of the content will be pre-recorded and available to you with the weekly updates being delivered in the membership area. Some special events may take place live, with the recordings being uploaded to the members area.
How Do I Use the $50 OFF Code for KTC Camps?
You will receive a special discount code available for members, you can use this code at checkout for any KTC Level 1 or 2 training camp, and is good for as long as you are member.
How Long is The Student Price Good For?
We understand students are on a budget, and remember what life was like right after graduating so the student discount is good for up to 6-months after graduation.
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