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The Upper Cervical Revolution Online Module Program & Certification
Instant access to the entire 145+ video online program
Module 1: History, Philosophy, Drills, Training
Module 2: Thermography and Pattern Analysis 
Module 3: X-Ray Set Up and X-Ray Analysis 
Module 4: Knee Chest Adjusting and Modifications 
Module 5: Upper Cervical History, Exam and Report
+ BONUS: Access to Attend Certification Weekend

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Here's What You'll Get:
  • 145+ Videos 24/7 Access Program
  • Learn the drills, set-ups and listings to perform ANY Knee Chest Adjustment...
  • Be specific with WHEN & WHEN NOT to adjust with the most in-depth Pattern Analysis...
  • Learn how to take the exact Upper Cervical X-Rays and Analysis to determine a patients unique listing...
  • AND learn how to start people in Upper Cervical Care plans!
  • New Patient Exam, Care Plan, and Financial Plan Paperwork Downloads
  • Private Upper Cervical Certified Doctor Group
  • BONUS!!!! Ability to become Knee Chest Certified with grandfathered access to a Certification Weekend
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