“There are hundreds of techniques in chiropractic, you need to be abundantly skilled in your craft... AND we also know there is more importance in who you BE, instead of what you do."

This is the Power Behind The ART
- Dr. Brett Jones and Dr. Marvin Talsky
  • Tap Into Your Greatest Potential for healing facilitation so you can evolve past just pain and symptom management.
  • Connect to The Highest Levels of Consciousness for a lifetime of fulfilment and purpose with thought provoking questions and secrets from Dr. Talsky and Dr. Jones.
  • Revisit and Refine Your Understanding of Healing, intelligence, and tone so you can master YOUR Art.
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What Is The Power Behind The ART?
There comes a time in every chiropractors journey that you start to understand that regardless of the pain, or symptoms someone is experiencing...

you have the ability to help people heal from experiences much greater than the patient could ever imagine. 

The problem with the profession is that the profession is into the game of diagnosis, and treatment, with the idea that a specific techniques treatment is going to be better than some other treatment.

We ask the question "why can two Chiropractors, performing the same technique, to two similar conditions...

have different results?"

This is because the Power of Chiropractic... 

is the Power Behind the Art.

The Power Behind the Art includes your intention set, perceptive abilities of each person's individual needs...
and your ability to positively affect them through an adjustment.

The Power Behind the Art does not disregard systems and protocols, rather it is having the highest connection to what an adjustment actually is and the healing potential it can unfold for each person.

It is about our application being more and more in harmony with the principles.

To bring into congruency the vitalistic principles and the application of those principles.

The Power Behind the Art is about deepening our understanding of ourselves and our capabilities to facilitate a healing process that allows us to reach the highest potential for any technique we perform. 
What Are The Most Awe-Inspiring Healing Results 
You Can Imagine?  
What if every person who came into your office was blown away with how dramatic their life changed?

This happens when you dedicate just as much intention and focus on your ability to perceive and facilitate each person's continued phases of healing...

as you do on becoming the best adjuster possible. 
  • The Power Behind The ART will help you find your voice and give you clarity to the vitalistic potential of chiropractic. 
  • The Power Behind The ART will show you how to find the window in instead of finding the greatest area of tension and trying to break through it.  
  • The Power Behind The ART will teach you to connect to the spiritual by expanding the awareness that has honed itself down to only the physical body, physical processes, pain, ego, and separateness. 
No, Surprises, No, Regrets!
What To Expect When You Dive All-In...
Dr. Jordan Fairley KTC COO

"Thank you to Dr. Zachary Conner for creating the individual cuts, formatting, and note taking; this program is available largely because of his efforts." 

  • Immediate Access to ALL 27-Lecture Videos shot over the course of 3-Days and broken up into specific learning outcomes, principles, and secrets.
  • Download The 94-Page PDF Notes for you to be able to stay present while also revisiting the life changing quotes, protocols, takeaways. 
  • Listen To the Audio Formats while on the road, in meditation, before practice, or travelling. When lacking the space to watch, we can still receive major downloads and "ah-ha's" by listening. 
  • Individual Video Downloads Broken Down By The Minute to make it easy to revisit specific moments you want to contemplate again or share with your colleagues
Inside This Program, Here Are Just a Few Of The Secrets 
That Will Be Revealed...
  • The 5-stages of learning and how to apply it to your patients healing experience. (Video 12 Min 2:00)
  • ​How present time consciousness brings power to the adjustment as long as it is supported with intent. (Video 11 Min 4:00)
  • ​The number one reason people we work with return back to their old patterns when we have had big breakthroughs and how you can help them break free. (Video 19)
  • ​How most chiropractors overwhelm patients and how you can provide the least amount of most effective information to keep their healing process going. (Video 21 Min 12:00)
  • ​In any given moment there is only one most appropriate window into the neuro-spinal system, it's out intent to find it. (Video 23) 
  • ​We have the ego for individuality, yet to serve a purpose bigger than self and more fulfilling there is a surrender of ego to connect to spirit. (Video 23 Min 17:00)
  • Top communication tips to help people realize how long they see chiropractic being an asset to their life. (Video 25 Min 22:00)
  • ​How to respond after a patient says "Am I done?" to help them realize the continued importance of what it is you are doing for their life. (Video 26 Min 15:00)
  • ​Dr. Talsky's protocol for finding and correcting the difference between spinal cord tension, torsion, and torque. (Video 24 2:00)
  • ​Tapping into the Quantum nature of healing by letting go of any expectation to open up to the infinite possibility. (Video 4 Min 13:00)
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