"Imagine Being a Full Spine Chiropractor 
Who Can Also Deliver The Most Specific 
Upper Cervical Care!"
Introducing The World's Most In-Depth 
Knee Chest Upper Cervical Program
Dr. Ian Davis-Tremayne Founder of Upper Cervical Revolution. 🔈
Why The Upper Cervical Revolution Is So Unique...
  • Learn the drills, Set-ups and Listings: Be able to perform ANY Knee Chest Upper Cervical listing that comes into your office. 
  • ​Be Specific: Know exactly WHEN & WHEN NOT to adjust by learning an objective thermography pattern analysis technique. 
  • ​Full X-Ray Program: Learn how to take the exact Upper Cervical X-Rays that aren't taught in school and learn the specific analysis to determine a patients unique listing
  • ​Bonus Business System: AND learn how to start people in Upper Cervical Care with the New Patient Exam and ROF bonus module.
+ PLUS you will also have the opportunity to finish the Upper Cervical Knee Chest Certification Program
"Here's what you need to know... 

The "Upper Cervical Revolution" is a Complete Program For You To Learn How to Perform The Knee Chest Adjustment, Take X-Rays, Analyze Films and Pattern Analysis, AND Start Patients in Upper Cervical Care...
Here's a Sneak Peak of The Training Hundreds of Chiropractors, Including The Founders For KTC, Have Received...
Upper Cervical Drills 
Module 1:
  • History and Philosophy of Upper Cervical Chiropractic
  • Understand the Upper Cervical Righting Reflex 
  • ​Upper Cervical Adjusting Drills to Help Develop The Upper Cervical Toggle, Body Drop, Speed and Prevent Injuries
Thermography and Pattern Analysis
Module 2:
  • Neurology of The Upper Cervical Subluxation
  • History and Use of Thermography in Chiropractic
  • ​The Do's and Don'ts of Scanning Analysis
  • ​Thermography Pattern Recognition to Know When and When Not To Adjust, Holding and Learning Stress Patterns
  • ​Doctor Positioning and Learning the Proper Tissue Pull for The Knee Chest Set Up
X-Ray Set up and Analysis 
Module 3:
  • How to Get an Upper Cervical Listing
  • The Perfect Set Up to Always See the Upper Cervical Subluxation Complex
  • ​How to Get Listing For C1. C2. and Understanding Trends of the Spine
  • How to Perform the Base Posterior, Lateral Cervical and APOM X-Ray with Modifications for Various Situations
  • ​X-Ray Marking for Every Upper Cervical Listing and Determining The Primary 
Knee Chest Adjusting and Modifications
Module 4:
  • History and Importance of the Knee Chest Set Up
  • ​Upper Cervical Field Analysis (Non X-Ray Analysis)
  • Details of How to Create the Perfect Set Up for Patient Comfort and Set of The Bone
  • ​Learn How to Perform the "Secret Sauce" and How to Create Ease in The Knee Chest Position
  • ​Adjusting Drills for Performing Every Upper Cervical Listing
  • ​Upper Cervical Modifications for Geriatrics, Pediatrics and People Who Can't Turn TheIr Head
PLUS: Learn How To Start People In Upper Cervical Care
Module 5:
  • History and Exam: Learn How to Perform a Quick and Detailed New Patient Upper Cervical History and Exam!
  • ROF: How to Perform Personalized Report of Findings While Explaining Their Unique X-Rays.
  • Financial Options: Learn How To Effectively Communicate Financial Plans and Common Objections with New Patients.
What Else Do You Need to Know?
How Long Do I Have Access?
Forever, 24/7 online access to the entire program using your unique login.
What Is The Learning Format?
Online video program broken up into 145 individual videos and downloadable learning documents.
Who Teaches It?
Dr. Ian Davis Tremayne, and the in person certification is with Dr. Adam Tedder
There's a Certification?
Yes, previously only provided to those who did the in-person 5 part modules, because you are joining this program you will receive the instructions for how to demonstrate proficiency and get to join the certification weekend.
Is There Continued Help?
Yes, you will be able to join the Upper Cervical Revolution Training Group with hundreds of other chiropractors for you to get feedback and learn even more.
When Can I Start? 
Right now! As soon as you sign up you'll receive access and can start your journey into Knee Chest Upper Cervical!
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