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DISCLAIMER: Wearing This Swag May Cause Spontaneous Adjusting Strikes & Increased Desire to Train

Kairos Training Culture represents the fastest growing movement in chiropractic performance training.

KTC is a collaborative community dedicated to evolving the art of chiropractic. We train for ourselves, our profession, and the people we serve on the table. 

Home to "Adjusting Ninjas" and "The Artful Chiropractor"

KTC was born out of the need for elevating the quality of the environment for a chiropractic training program that transcends the current model of art development. 

Major shifts and breakthroughs on the path toward mastering a skill occur in moments of focused energy called FLOW.

By participating in a KTC event, you are choosing to remove yourself from the static noise of our culture of information and DROPPING WITHIN yourself; putting a spotlight directly on the questions, vulnerabilities, and weaknesses within your art form.

This is a BRAVE SPACE; a place where you can feel courageous while training side-by-side with people dedicated to peeling back layers of old habits in order to build effective, efficient, and sustainable practices.

You are joining a movement; a family. We show up for the people we train with and we train for the people we serve.



Start with a Level 1 Training Camp.

Start to train and master the fundamentals before continuing to a KTC Level 2 - Adaptations where you will start to uncover deeper layers of yourself, and focus on disc level adjusting.

And end with the KTC Level 3 - Activations where you will bring your attention to the level of the cord, and a tonal approach.

Plus more breakouts, business immersions, and explorations for you to continue your training. 


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